Monday, June 16, 2008


sorry guys for not posting much the past week or so- I have been super busy lately and will continue being busy through this week with VBS, so I don't think I am going to post much until next week. (I am too busy to even bother using correct grammer, I prefer to just do one big run on sentence!)

Hope you all are doing good and I promise I'll be back with some fierceness soon!


Dad said...

I heard you have become quite the pied piper with the kids. Maybe you should start up an all-munchkin band. Ashley and the Rugrat rockettes?

I love my baby girls!

Ashley said...

aw, thanks dad. You know its gotten desperate when I am the music leader- Needless to say, we have scared all the little mice in the basement away though!

Laura Sue said...

Ok, VBS is over, get back to bloggin!!