Monday, June 9, 2008

Booty Camp and other ruminations

So, no, Booty Camp is not a camp for young beyonces and jloes. Its a potty training camp in Chicago designed by the "Potty Whisperer" herself, Wendy Sweeney. She claims that she can potty train your child in one day. I am in the midst of potty training preparations and wonder if a trip to Chicago would be worth it? I think I will stick to some old fashion methods for now, but I will keep her number just in case!

So, I have been in a bit of a writing funk lately so I haven't really given much--I haven't come out of it yet, so don't expect any grand writing today. I have just been busy lately. I always wondered how in the world women stayed busy when they weren't working (or not working much) and stayed at home all day. Ha. I got it now. Totally.

My older sister beat me to it, but I wanted to announce that my hermanita pequeña Brittany now has a blog (don't ask me to pronounce the name of it though- leave it up to my glamourous sister to come up with something that only clever people understand). Stop by and giver her a blogger's welcome (that means comment people).

To those of you who I sent an email out to regarding paper towel rolls for VBS- just a friendly reminder- keep saving them! I will contact you in a few days for pick up.

Okay, that's it. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Dad said...

Potty Whisperer! I don't know whether to contact Chris Hanson or Oprah about that. I wonder at what point in your life you figure out that your career path is teaching people to poop?

brittanydwhite said...

I didn't know Dad made comments on blog posts... Wow. This is huge. Oh and thanks for intro to my blog. I'm flattered.

WonderGirl said...

Haha- Dad's funny!