Tuesday, June 10, 2008

airing my dirty laundry

My father in law stopped by my house the other day and came through my laundry room. For those of you who have seen my laundry room, you know that is something you hope to never see twice. I just can't get it together. ever. its always a disaster. Anyway, I feel as though I need to offer this blog as a forum to post my sincere apologies to my father in law for the image of dispair and wretchedness that is now forever burned in his retinas. Its that's bad.

So when I got home and found out that he had seen our dirty little secret, I panicked. Here's how it went down:

E: So, dad came by and saw our laundry room.
Me: stunned silence.
E: Got a good look at it too.
Me: Did you explain to him we haven't had time to do laundry since getting back from our trip?
E: No
Me: Well, did you tell him that a rabid squirrel got in and ransacked the place?
E: No
Me: what about the remodeling project we are under?
E: Um, No.
Me: That police raid? (must I keep pulling from my long list of reasons my laundry room is messy to make this point?)
E: Nope
Me: Well, did you at LEAST blame it on Adler?
E: No, and I won't do it anymore. I am tired of making excuses.

He just won't play my game. That hurt though- and it pushed me into action. My mission is to clean and organize the laundry room and keep it that way. I will post later what my master plan is (I know you must be on the edge of your seat.)


Laura said...

I need to see before and after pictures for this one!

aunt vickie said...

please, please, please post your master plan... I need to borrow it... I will sit down and study it... and try to incorporate it... if I can find a place to sit at my house... sigh...

p.s. my laundry room is related to yours... honest... and, omigoodness... my little momma got to my house this afternoon while I'm at work...