Friday, May 9, 2008

A Walking SAHM cliche

I went to a tuppeware party last night, mainly out of curiousity because I can remember being holed up in my room on many different occassions, threatened with my life if I come out of my room, while my mother hosted tupperware parties in the living room. I always wanted to be grown up so I could join in on the fun that is bound to occur when you get a bunch of women and tupperware together. Can you think of ANYTHING more exciting?

The last thing my husband said to me before I left is "Don't get suckered into throwing your own party......"

So, I am hosting a tupperware party with my mil on May 22-- if anyone wants to place an outside order or just wants to take a look at the catalog, let me know! Here's the link to the lady who will be giving the party if you would like to go ahead and start looking (just don't buy- contact me first and I will order for you!). Those in town friends and family will be getting an invite- so be sure to mark your calender.

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Laura said...


I'll have to order something when I get back to Louisiana!!