Saturday, May 10, 2008

and this is just sad

So, by staying home alone with Adler all day almost every day, I find that some days go by without me speaking to an adult all day long. In speaking with Adler, all day I am all like, "AD, DO YOU SEE THAT BIRD? THAT BIRD IS BLUE. HE'S FLAPPING HIS WINGS- CAN YOU FLAP YOUR WINGS? WHAT A SILLY BIRD. WHAT A SILLY BOY." And so forth. By the end of the day sometimes, I am completely aggravated with myself. Seriously and truly, some days of that toddler-speak is enough to make me want to jam a butter knife in my ear.

E can only take about 5 minutes of it- he quickly reminds me after I say something like, "ERIC, DO YOU SEE THAT BIG BROWN PUPPY ON THE TV- HE'S WAGGING HIS TAIL..." I wonder if Adler could talk, would he tell me to be quiet too.

Now I'm all sad. (and slightly annoyed- there I go again.)


WonderGirl said...

Ash, just wait. Eventually, you realize you're doing it WHEN NOBODY IS AROUND TO HEAR IT.

That's when "sad" becomes "scary".

Happy Mo's Day, sister!!

Aunt Vickie said...

Do you see that pretty girl? She's a mommy. See her love her baby. See her make her baby laugh. See her build memories for her baby. See her baby grow up and want a mommy just like her for his babies... hear her Father say, "Well done..."

Ashley said...

that's sweet, aunt v- thank you!

WG- I did do that at Fred's, looking for charcoal, sans Ad. At least I gave the passers-by some material for their blogs.