Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just no meat to this post

So, its my one week vegetarian anniversary. I am celebrating tonight with beans. It hasn't been bad actually. So far, two good things have come out of this. One, I have been loving the fruit this past week. Two, I haven't over-eaten at meal time because I haven't been eating anything overly delicious. Who can get excited about rice krispies? I usually obsessively get into planning what I am going to eat and then into eating it because this girl loves to eat. I usually get a bit too much enjoyment from my meals, so this past week, I haven't concentrated so much on it and its causing me not to eat too much. I can see how it could get old though. I am not really feeling great about my diet- I don't think I am getting enough of the protein.

I did eat my first Boca burger last night though. It wasn't too bad, but I will tell you I didn't go back for seconds!

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