Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ahem, ahem, excuse me

And I am a Reality TV addict.

And, I would like to talk about it. I have to dish, and no one but you to dish it too.

“The Hills”- so, I am beginning to think Lauren may be a bully. It seems all her friends are having to choose….or else. Also, I am beginning to think she may be a bit conniving too. It’s a shame because I always liked her, always thought we were friends.

“The Bachelor: London Calling”- From day 1, I wanted Amanda to win; I thought the meeps were cute and she seemed so nice. Well, after Monday night, I am glad she got the boot. Her contribution to any conversation was largely made up with the word “like.” I have been known to use it as a filler from time to time, but she literally says it every 3rd word. It’s annoying. She belongs on “The Hills” for that one. Sadly, the two choices that the Bachelor has left his self with do not seem promising. 22 year old Shana is just too young and too movie-starish. I can’t see her moving to London to be with her financier husband. The other one, can’t remember her name, is just too, well, friendly. I just don’t think she wants a husband, or even a boyfriend for that matter.

“Step it Up and Dance” Bravo, I am ashamed. And so over it.

“Project Runway”- you are not on the air right now, but I hear you are moving to Lifetime, land of the Golden Girls. Why, Bravo, why?

“The Real World”- exactly how old am I anyway? Shouldn’t I be progressing into programs with more mature and responsible themes? I have to admit; I am ashamed.

For the record, I would NEVER watch “A Shot of Love with Tequila somebody” or “Flavor of Love”

PS- my lifetime movie name generator gave me "The Ashley M@#$) Story: Once Upon a Habit"

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