Tuesday, April 22, 2008

going all Alicia Silverstone on you

So, my sister has proposed the idea of no meat for a month and I jumped on it with her. She's so adventurous.

Anyway, I must explain why I am doing it. I don't have a moral issue with eating meat; but I must say that I feel a sense of guilt after watching movies like "Fast Food Nation" or after I read articles on the subject. I have always wondered what it would be like to eat 100% guilt free (assuming I am not eating other guilty pleasure foods like buttery bread or desserts). I have also wondered what my body would feel like and do if I actually eat more fruits and veggies. Its not just an experiment on the body, but also of the mind. I don't have a lot of willpower when it comes to food, so this will be a test. So that's three reasons and that's really it.

I am very aware that this will be difficult and have thought about my particular challenges:

-getting enough protein. I am not much of a bean eater, and I would rather not get it from peanut butter, or rather my thighs would rather not get it from peanut butter. So, I am going to have to experiment and come up with some stuff. I recently started working out again, and def. don't want to skimp on the protein. Suggestions are welcome!

-not making up for the loss of meat in carbs. I can totally see myself justifying mashed potatoes, rolls, and other breads if I don't eat meat. I want to eat the right kinds of foods to supplement the meat and make me full.

-I have a twisted way of thinking when it comes to deprivation of something. In the past, when I give up something, I add something else as a reward that is usually no more healthy than what I am giving up. For example, I may stay away from cokes, but I may eat a little debby mid afternoon because "its not like I have had any cokes today". Grr. Self sabatoge. I certainly don't want to be rewarding myself with ho-ho's because I am sticking to my plan.

-Just the self discipline is going to to hard- cooking meat for my family and then not partaking in it. Lucky for me, I am not that good of a cook anyway, so it won't really be an issue of denying myself anything really tasty!

So, those will be my struggles; we'll see how it goes!

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Vickie_Raulin said...

Replacing the protein is easy... try soy protein... check it out here... I use this...


Dunno if I can make myself join y'all on the meat-free thing, tho... I'm such a wimp... altho, to be honest, I could probably do that much easier than I could give up sweets... sigh...