Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby talk

Well. its been a bit since I have posted, seems like things have been busier than normal lately. Its been even longer since I have posted any pictures- I am feeling a bit lazy with downloading from my camera.

Well, this week is a big one in the Mason house. I am trying to get Adler down to one nap a day, because I think he is ready. I am also slowly weaning and also trying to get him to fall asleep on his own. The falling asleep on his own and the weaning are going much much better that I thought it would. The one nap a day is throwing me for a loop. I thought he was ready, but now I am not so sure. Its only been a few days, but I have had to really force him to stay awake in the morning, and still have only gotten to 11:30 before he passes it out in sheer exhaustion. This morning, he fell asleep in his highchair at 11 while eating lunch. So, then, he naps, but wakes up so early that he is super tired in the evening. He has fallen asleep by 7AM every night. Granted that's only 30-45 minutes earlier than normal, but it is causing him to wake up earlier.....which makes him really tired by 11AM....which basically means we are stuck in this vicious cycle. Could this mean he is just not ready for 1 nap a day yet?

Ah, the dramatic life of a stay at home mom.

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Teri said...


I learned of your blog through Wondergirl. I think your baby is so adorable!

My babies always play the low-down dirty trick where they refuse to sleep for the nap and convince me they're long past it, but it's really TEETHING and they nap just fine after the teeth come in. I fall for it every time!

So you could check the molars?

Just a thought.