Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 months

Dear Adler,

You are 14 months and a week old. And my oh my, you have learned so much over the past few months. The first year was all about developing physically; I believe this second year is going to be about developing your little personality.

Here’s a look at what you have learned:

-If I climb up on something high, and then free fall back, my mom flails her arms like a mad woman and dive bombs to catch me. It’s really funny, but I get in trouble.

-If I throw my food hard enough from my highchair, I can get it to stick to the wall or land in Toby’s mouth. It’s really funny, but I get in trouble.

-If I wave my arms enthusiastically and happen to make contact with my mom or Toby or any other living contact, it causes uproar. It’s really funny, but I get in trouble.

-If I don’t get my way, like if I have to come inside or I can’t eat the dog food that looks so good, I can flop my body on the floor, kick a bit, and make loud forceful grunts to let everyone know I am not happy. It does the trick, but I get in trouble.

-If I pull Toby’s fur out, he makes this high pitched yippy sound. It’s really funny, but I get in trouble.

-When I am in the bathtub, if I fill the toys up with water and throw them out of the bathtub, my mom gets really soaked and starts huffing and puffing at me. It’s really funny, but I get in trouble.

So, you have learned that your cuteness won’t keep you from getting in trouble anymore, at least while you are at home. Now, at Nana’s and Grandma’s, that’s another story!

You have been really sweet the past few months too though. You have taken cuddling and being sweet to a whole new level. You pat me and love on me all day long. You love on the dog, stuffed animals, pillows and blankets, the cushions on the couch, basically anything that has any give to it at all. You are loving and gentle most of the time. I realized the other day that since I have known you, I have had more physical contact than I ever have before. It seems all day long I have arms wrapped around me, kisses covering me, a body draped over me, hands grabbing at me, just some sort of warm contact from you. I know one day you will run from me, be too busy to stop and cuddle, so I am cherishing those moments now. You are silly and are always doing things to make me laugh. You know you are doing it just for giggles and that makes it even funnier. You are learning words now and that they have meaning. Your favorite words are dada and nana. You can also say dog (“dod”) and Pawpaw and Pablo, (both sound like “Pppppaa, and when you do it, you blow your cheeks up and your face gets really red as you strain to get the “p” out, so funny!).

As always, you are a joy and I can't wait to see what you do next!

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