Monday, October 1, 2007

k-fed up wit it

Apparently, Kevin Federline has gained full custody of his and Britney's two sons.

I am not trying to blog about Britney's problems, because clearly, there is nothing to say that hasn't already been said, or shown. But let me just say this. You know that you have some serious problems when you lose custody of your children to K-Fed. Actually, you know there are serious problems for even having children with K-Fed.


Rhonda said...

it just sad...i mean the channel 12 jackson news is reporting this. as if its not everyday that a drug using, no panty wearing mom loses custody of her kids.

WonderGirl said...

You know what I'm "k-fed up wit"? Checking your blog every day and there being NO DURN UPDATE.

Talk about irresponsible.


spiderlillies said...

I only just found you!!!!!

auntj said...

spiderlillies sent me the link, and i'm looking forward to being able to "tune in" to a slice of your life. i just popped in so haven't had a chance to check anything out yet, but i likes what i see so far! by the way, i MISS all you v'burgers!