Sunday, September 30, 2007

9 months

Dear Adler,

Momma's a bit late writing a nine month letter, but I guess that's okay. You are taking a much needed nap right now- you have been so busy that its hard lately to get you down. On the upside, you have been sleeping through the night mostly the past few weeks! Yay, we were all ready for that one.

The past month, you have started standing really well on your own. When you first discovered you didn't need me or another object to stay up in a standing position, you were SO proud of yourself. You did it every chance you had and would make sure that someone was looking at you when you did it. You are now a little pro, standing up from squatting position on your own, reaching down and picking up toys and standing back up to play with them. I should be writing this in the 10 month letter because technically you are over nine months now, but I will go ahead and say that a few days ago, you took TWO steps all by yourself. Such a big boy.

Well, this month has really brought out the Daddy's boy in you. You always want your daddy. If I am holding you and walk away sight of your dad, you throw the biggest fit. There is no one else in the room when he's around. Its cute, but I sense that this will come back to haunt me the older you get. I doubt I will ever be able to watch romantic comedies or lifetime again!

Your hair is finally starting to gain some substance. You are starting to look a bit like Ringo- I guess I need to get you a haircut. It so cute though. You have sort of stalled out in the weight/height area. You have been at 25 lbs and 29 inches for several months now. I guess you are letting all the other boys and girls your age catch up with you.

Overall- this has been another wonderful month. Fun because you are just a funny little guy, always making me laugh; challenging because you have been sick a lot, but hopefully that's over for a little bit; bittersweet because you are on the cusp of toddlerhood and already losing some of your baby-ness; lovely because you are constantly revealing new ways to love you.



spiderlillies said...

Omigosh... I miss y'all so much... he's a beautiful, beautiful boy...

spiderlillies said...

You know... I love looking at Adler's pictures... he's the most incredible blend of you and Eric...