Monday, September 30, 2013

MFW weeks 3 and 4

Not a whole lot to say about these weeks- we were super busy and they flew by!

Both weeks we talked about flowers and seeds.  We dissected a flower to see the parts of it, watched how flowers drink colored water and turn the color of the water, and made our own dye out of flower petals.  We also examined beans and watched them over the week as they sprouted a paper towel.  

We also talked about seasons and made little books with pictures of each season.

Here are a few pictures we took over the last two weeks...

We learned how bees and butterflies pollenate by pretending to be them as they drank nectar (juice) and ate Cheetos (Cheetos dust acted as pollen).  They got pollen (Cheetos) everywhere!  
A little m&m sorting and graphing

Painting her trees for each season

Made a dozen muffins for "dozens day" (our number of the day was 12 that day)

Examining and sketching flowers

Making our own dye from flowers (but shhhh- I cheated and used flowers that were artificially dyed- I wanted to make sure it would work- ha)

Our seeds sprouted...the kids were amazed. 

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