Thursday, August 23, 2012

The sponge

Can I just say that I am loving this stage Adler is going through right now?  It's like some little light went off in his head and he realized the world is out there for the taking.  He is so curious about everything and soaks up every little piece of new information he gets.  I mean, I guess he always has been curious, as most little kids are, but he is old enough now to actually grasp meaning and explanation beyond "because God made it that way" (although even the most complicated of answers do come back to that).  It's just exciting to see his little wheels turning and the excitement in his eyes as he is truly learning something new.  It is good for me too because it is challenging my brain to remember all those little tidbits I thought got lost somewhere between two kids, diaper changes and sleepless nights.  It's still there (mostly, but for everything else, there is google- yay!)!

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