Friday, March 16, 2012

What to do when you can't run

Oh, wait. That title wasn't supposed to sound like I was about to tell you what to do when you can't run. I can tell you what NOT to do if you are trying to make yourself feel better- eat 18 bags of Cadbury mini eggs...start back drinking episode after episode of every show you ever missed on Netflix. Those things definitely don't help, believe me:).

A few weeks ago I was out running and I rolled my foot over a gum ball (they may look harmless; but don't be fooled. They pack quite a punch.). It turned out that it caused a stress fracture in my foot (although I am still a little unsure of that diagnosis). Whatever it is, its totally screwing up my running. It's been 3 weeks, and although I did run one teeny weeny race on it because I just couldn't not run it, I have been pretty sedentary. I have aqua jogged a few times which feels as stupid as it sounds. And I have done weights and gotten on the rowing machine. But it all basically reminds me I am not running. With the risk of being annoying, I will just go ahead and say that when you are a regular runner, to not be ABLE to run is pretty dramatic. When you run, you quickly associate who you are with who you are when you run. The lines fade into each other. And when you can't run, it sort of messes with your identity. I know how ridiculous that sounds, and maybe I am the only one out there who feels this way, but I am pretty sure I am not. But believe me, I have done my share of internet looking through this injury and I have read some pretty pathetic blogs of people, runners, or cyclists, or swimmers, or gymnasts, or whatever, just athletes, who are sidelined due to some sort of injury. It's a sad lot:). I am trying to maintain a positive outlook: my arms are going to be hardcore after all this rowing and weight lifting; my blog is going to be updated more regularly; maybe I will make baby books for the kids; I will pull out my sewing machine, I will finally get my house ready to put on the market.

Or I will just wait it out a few more weeks hopefully and will be able to slowly run again. You know, I think God must hold the virtue of patience pretty highly- it seems like in life, He is always giving us reason to practice it.


Erica said...

UGH. I am so sorry! And you are a mega hardcore runner, too!

When I had my accident last summer, it devastated me for months. In the 6 months that I was healing, I went nuts not being able to run, bike, dance, or any of it.

I wish you a speedy recovery! Hope you are back on your feet soon! xoxo

aunt vickie said...

You'll get it back, baby. I had a stress fracture several years ago and remember how amazed I was at how it slowed me down. But it healed, time passed, and I'd forgotten I ever had it til I had some x-rays a couple weeks ago, and the doctor said, oh, you had a stress fracture some time or other. Just hang in there...

WonderGirl said...

March 16, 2012. Just saying.