Thursday, October 13, 2011

the MAN.

he knows where its at- all in the eyes.

he was a little nervous at first, but even still, he insisted and doing flips and tricks the whole time

he almost didn't get on the bull and wanted me to get on with him (not gonna happen!) but he did it.  And afterwards, he was all like, "I OWN that bull."

This year at the fair, Ad really got to experience all the rides as a kid, not a baby.  He rode on all the good ones with his cousin, Everett  and truly thought he was a big kid.  He was, actually.  He was nervous about them all, but he was brave and did them anyway.  So proud of the little guy my son is becoming!


WonderGirl said...

I love the Masons in the Fall. :)

aunt vickie said...

wow... he's braver than I am...