Sunday, April 24, 2011

well, hello there!

Its me!  I have been just itching to post a good long blog for a week now, and now that there is an opportunity, well, I have gone blank!  I can't think of ONE of my million fascinating topics that I thought of over the week.

Life has been so busy the past few weeks.  My neglected house can tell you that!  But, its been filled to the brim with fun things- a wedding, t-ball, camping trips, Easter parties and egg hunts, Secret Church, a trip to New Orleans with my mom and sisters....and I am sure we squeezed in a few other things too.  I would love to write about all of these, but probably won't.  But I will get in some pictures this week.

I took off from running for 4 weeks to try to get over a nasty case of shin splints.  I have been easing myself back into it the past 2 weeks and feel pretty good.  I think maybe I am just going to have to deal with the shins though, because after 2 weeks of taking it suuuuppppperrrr slow, and I mean, I started out at 1 mile and have only increase 10% over the past week, I feel little twinges in them, sort of like the beginning of the whole ordeal.  But I think I am doing everything right, so I am just going to deal with it if it comes.  Boo to that though.  Meanwhile, I have been strength training and doing some rad hills on the stationary bike.  Okay, enough of that, I think this may all be interesting to pretty much only me! 

We are looking forward to summer.  Adler told me a few days ago he was READY for some camping, boating and swimming.  My summer child!  I am ready too.  We plan on spending most our days at the pool this summer, which means I have got to get my son in swim lessons- pass on any names of instructors if you have them. 

And lastly, I am so excited to make an announcement in a few weeks that is going to bring about some changes to the Mason family!  But I can't tell you guys yet, so you are just going to have to be agonized over the next few weeks- ha, I know you love the suspense! (and NOOOOO, I am not pregnant!)

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