Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Five and ten months

Hazel, "stardust in your eyes.....I'd give you the sky high above...."

My good time girl. You love life. You are always up for fun and smiles and giggles. You are easily amused and love to amuse us.

You think your brother hung the moon and Toby hung the stars. You follow behind him and try to do everything he does. And how you yell if we even think about stopping you, like a banshee. You are fearless and adventurous, a combination that I believe is going to get us in some trouble. But also will open all kinds of exciting doors for you one day.

You love being a girl. You bring bring me shoes and hair bows all day long to put on you (although the hair bow last about 2 seconds before you yank it out). You are rarely seen without your baby doll and purse around the house. And you sing and dance all day long. I swear you are on pitch too when you sing.

You are a girl who knows what you want and you want it all.

I love you- happy 15 month and one week birthday little girl!

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