Friday, April 30, 2010

I haven't forgotten

I know I have a blog.  I just haven't been feeling very creative or chatty lately so I haven't been blogging.  I always seem to get in a slump every few months and will eventually snap out of it. 

Not much to report here.  Life is being lived mostly outdoors the past few weeks, lots of trips to the park and lazy afternoons in the yard.  Its been nice.

Kids are great.  Hazel is ten months and has been taking a few steps (and then falling) for a few weeks now.  She also has started dancing when she hears music, just swaying and bouncing.  Its really cute.  We are not getting any better on the sleep issues and it is wearing on my, body, soul and mind.  Adler is crazy busy these days, nonstop energy.  His imagination is wild too- he comes up with the funniest things and is ALWAYS playing like he is someone else.

Eric is playing on his parent's church's softball team as well as a softball team that goes and plays with inmates across the south.  He is really enjoying both.  We went to the first church league game last night and I got a taste of what it is like being at the ballfields like all those moms of boys say they spend most of their time doing!  Other than the bugs, it was fun.

Okay, I promise I will get back on here soon with something a bit more entertaining.  For now, that's all I have!

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aunt vickie said...

Hope the sleep thing works out soon... but everything else sounds wonderful. I can hardly wait to see y'all...