Thursday, March 11, 2010

No frills here

Oh, I am not doing well at all with these little happy posts for two reasons: 1. I can't keep up with them every day and 2. I am using them as a substitute for actual blog posts.

Oh well. It is what it is and I guess we can deal!

Beautiful day at the park today with the kids and Brittany. Britt brought kites for her and Adler. It was pretty entertaining watching the two of them running around with their limbs flailing about, the kites dragging behind them. I think Brittany thought she was a kite runner.

And that's my happy thing #9- watching Brittany and Adler running around in the grass, both red faced and smiling.

Then then there's one from the day before the day after yesterday: Happiness is all my cousins together, laughing, making fun and being made fun of, and "feeling the love" of my family.

And then the other one I missed (the day after 4 days before today)- Happiness is seeing the mail-man coming down my road.


aunt vickie said...

Happiness is learning what happiness is at Apple Cheeks...

Anonymous said...

The Baby Nannettes do know how to have a good time! I wish there was a way for us to hang out more often and for an occasion other than a funeral. Let's try to make a better effort about the Christmas Party this year--maybe even the family reunion in Leland.