Friday, March 26, 2010

Matters of the heinie

Some of you have asked how my cloth diapering is going and why in the world I would ever ever subject myself to it. So here's why.

Well, up until I decided to try it out, I was among the many who would never in a million years even think about going cloth. I mean, who really wants to swirl those dirty diapers around in the toilet for 20 minutes?

So, one day, I was thinking about how happy I was that Adler was finally potty trained because swirling that dirty underwear around in the toilet was not fun. For those of you who don't know, we were "potty training" Adler for the last year and it wasn't until about 2 months ago that he finally got it and he has been diaper free and basically no accidents ever since. But for the past year, there have been LOTS of wet and dirty accidents in underwear.

Then it occurred to me: I survived and it wasn't completely terrible or life changing. And then it occurred to me that if I can deal with "big kid poop" (which you know, parents, how disgusting that can be), then SURELY I can deal with baby poop on a cloth diaper. And if I only committed to part time diapering, saving around 3 disposable diapers a day, I will have recouped my initial investment in 3 months. Part time seems do-able. The past two days, I have only used disposable at night, so I have saved way more disposables than that so I will recoup it earlier if I keep going like that.

And cloth these days, WAY different then what I remember when my baby sister was in them. There is no swirling. I bought the flip diaper system, which is super affordable and super easy. Its basically just a cover and a absorbent cloth insert that you change out when you are changing diapers and keep the same cover on. I can machine wash and even dry in the dryer. So far, I am loving it. Now, she hasn't had any blow-outs or leaks yet, but I know it will happen. But guess what- it happens sometimes with Pampers too.

So right now, all is good. I am saving money and helping the environment; and as an added bonus, Hazel looks so darn cute in them I could just die.

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brittany said...

hey hey hey now, you leave my heinie out of this...but on a side note, i didn't know i wore cloth about that, i was organic and "green" BEFORE it was trendy.