Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life in short sentences.

So, its a combination of just being exhausted the last week and just having to be a million things at once, but I just can't put together more than a sentence a thought. So, there will be no elequent, thought provoking posts in the near future. But, here's what I have been thinking lately though:

1. How is curling a sport in the winter Olympics? It looks like a game a bunch of 9 year old boys from Minnesota came up with on a boring long winter's day. Eric likes it because he thinks its hot to see a bunch of women sweeping at the same time.

2. Hazel is a tooth growing over-achiever. She got the first 2 at 4 months, 2 more at 6 months, 1 1/2 at 7 months, and now, at almost 8 months, she is getting the other 1/2 (its a slow grower I guess) and two more just trying their best to peep through the gums. Its driving me BANANAS though because she won't nap and will only sleep for 1 1/2 intervals. Its been a LONG couple of months. Other than that, she's happy.

3. E and I are full force with the workout videos, P90X. They are TOUGH. But doable. I think people criticize because they can't do it like that super buff instructor does it. But what you do is what you CAN do and work your way up to it. Its kicking my butt all over the place though, but in a good way.

4. I have decided that this year, I will OWN the summer. I didn't get out much last year because Hazel was a newborn. But this year- It.Is.On. We are getting a pool membership and are going to take full advantage of it. I need the sun.

5. All I want for my birthday is to get my hair done. I have just realized that it has been exactly 8 months since I last had it cut or highlighted, a week before I had Hazel. My hair is pretty insane right now, and not in a good way.

Okay, that's all I got right now. It feels so good to get that all off my chest. I mean, I have Adler and Hazel to tell my thoughts to during the day, but for some reason, I think they get lost in translation.


Sarah said...

1. I just laughed out loud: "it's hot to see a bunch of women sweeping" BAHAHAHA!

2. Elizabeth, the 8 month old, has ZERO teeth.

3. I am so glad to hear that positive feedback about P90X. We haven't started P90 yet. We're so lazy...maybe Monday...

4. I. Love. It. I want to own the summer, too!

5. I did manage to get a haircut when Elizabeth was maybe 3 months it's been 5 months since I've had a haircut. And it is out. of. con. trol. I am right there with you. My hair is so long that the other morning (when it wasn't time for me to get up yet), I rolled over and discovered that my ridiculously long hair had gotten caught UNDERNEATH MY ARM. Like in my ARMPIT. Insane...and not in a good way.

Ministry Happens in Ukraine said...

You could do the 3-Minute Workout with me. I do all the Push-ups and Sit-ups I can do in 3 minutes. One of these days, when I can do one/second for 180 seconds it will be impressive. For now, I'm up to 12 and 20 respectively!

britt said...

I wish I could do your hair for your birthday, and I know you probably won't want to wait this long, but I'm planning to come home again in the spring,maybe for Easter..

britt said...

Maybe I should start a home delivery haircut service for stay at home moms...