Friday, January 22, 2010

what's going on

So sleeping is getting better. Three nights ago I said I was going to start sleep training, and I sort of did. I let her cry for 5 minutes the first time before going in and getting her back to sleep. The second time, only a minute or so. Adler woke up both times crying that Hazel woke him up. After that, I didn't let her cry it out anymore that night. So I am guessing I can't really count that night at all! Then two nights ago, it was so stormy that Adler stayed in my bed until around 3:30, so I didn't do it that night either. BUT, H decided she like the stormy weather and only woke up at 3:30 and 5:30, so it was great! And then last night, I was prepared to get to it, but she only woke up once at 4:00. SO- I think that 5 minutes did it! Kidding, but maybe, fingers crossed, that whole 10 days of no sleep was a phase after-all. I guess only time will tell! I am holding off on anymore crying it out until spring unless it starts up again.

We went to get pictures taken at Portrait Innovations, mainly of Hazel since she hasn't had any done since she was 3 weeks old. Have you guys heard of this place? I think there are several locations, but we went to the one at the Renaissance. Anyway, super cheap, like in between walmart and Sears prices. But the picture quality is fantastic- its that thick photo paper and the color turned out really good. The photographer really worked with us and didn't just do a bunch of straight forward shots. She spent about 40 minutes with us and took some really good pictures. Of course, I ordered WAY too many pictures- its the part I dread, the ordering. How can you not order one of everything? And then of course, you can't just order one print of a certain pose because it cost way too much to do it that way; you have to order a package, which means you will get like 4000 pictures. The only downside is I ordered a bunch of this one cute post of Hazel, even the really big wall portrait, and she has something offensive in her nose. But they are going to let me take it back and exchange it for another pose, just have to get to Jxn to do it. If you want just some quick shots of your kids, I highly recommend this place!

One thing I learned though, is that it is a bad bad idea to take both kids to get pictures taken without an extra pair of hands to help. It was a total nightmare trying to get Hazel's solo pics taken and then order pictures with Adler running around like a madman. He pulled out like every one of the blankets and toys used for props and spread them all out on the floor (we were the only ones in there and the photographer did start it by giving him the idea to do it). The photographer was super sweet about it, but I was so one of those moms I usually look at and wonder why she is letting her child run loose like that. It was pretty embarrassing. I learned my lesson though.

Okay, that's enough of the mindless chatter! Got to get my house in order before H wakes up from nap!

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Mom Sandi said...

Try feeding H solid food like oatmeal at night right before bed and this may help with her sleep. Good luck. Tell E his mother said to give you a nap break or better yet a late morning break. Ha