Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now that's smart.

So, how many times, as a mom, have you been holding your baby and allowed her to slobber and chew all over your necklace or bracelet? Both mine did it and it was always much easier just to let them do it then prevent it. Plus, it kept them so occupied.
WELL, some smart mom came up with these necklaces and bracelets that were made to be teethed on! I know, I know, it may sound like one of those marketing traps for moms, but I think its genius!!

You can order one at Smart Mom Jewelry. Right now, they are selling their bangles at half price and if you enter in the code S-BC, you get an extra 20% off!
PS- these people didn't put me up to this- I just saw the product and wanted to share!

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