Friday, January 8, 2010

I am an aunt x8 now!

Congrats to my big sis on the birth of her fifth child (and 4th boy, I might add) born yesterday at 3:39 PM; I can't tell you the name until she does, but its a cute one- and so is he!! I don't have any pics on my computer yet, but he is round and cuddly and so so cute. I can't WAIT to get my hands on him!!

She had a great labor and delivery and both are doing great. Congratulations Shannon and Pat and kids- I am one proud auntie!

Now, one more little niece or nephew (I know which one but I'm not saying until Melissa does!!) to be born in 2010 in just a few short months, so excited to meet this little one too! And I think that's all for 2010, but who knows!

(How's that for exclamation points!! My whole post was one big !!)

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Melissa said...

He is adorable and wow did not add all those nieces and nephews up. You are blessed by the multitude. Adler and Hazel will have a bunch of fun cousins to play with I promise to do a massive update and make a few announcements very soon!