Monday, December 7, 2009

On a happier note

So, we have had a rough time of it the past week, but I am a little more positive now, so I thought I might should update with the GOOD things that are going on!

We opted out of a big birthday party for Adler this year. There was so much going on that we just couldn't find the time or place to have a party. I have to think about whether or not we want to start having his parties in Nov or Jan. December is just such an incredibly busy month for everyone! Would that be a bummer for the birthday boy, you think? Anyway, we did take Adler to Chucky Cheese (for an "American Hero" camo birthday party) with 3 of his cousins and grandparents and Aunt Lissa and Uncle Woody. He had the BEST time! He didn't even realize that on top of going to chucky cheese and eating cake, he was going to actually get presents too. He was super excited to find that out! And he has been busy busy playing with all his new toys the past few days. Thanks all who shared with us!

E and I are the "angels" for our church's Christmas musical. We will be narrating the musical; so keep us in your prayers that we can remember all our lines! Also, we all have colds, so I am a little worried that we will be all sniffly and croupy over the microphones, so maybe some prayers for that too!

Let's see, what else...Hazel is FIVE months now (actually closer to six!). Its hard to believe its been almost half a year since she was born. She is eating sweet peas, pears and apples like a champ! I am going to make some sweet potatoes next for her. She is a pretty greedy eater- always has her mouth open for the next bite.

Adler is all into being an "American Hero" these days. He is so funny, jumping around, ninja kicking and chopping, yelling "I AM AN AMERICAN HEROOOOOOO!" We got him some gear for his birthday so he would look the part and its the cutest thing.

Okay, I am off to purge Ad's toys before Christmas rolls around...(I think throwing things out or giving away things is my favorite thing to do. It feels so productive to get rid of stuff!).

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Vickie (Clinton's sister) said...

Your great-aunt Wanda's (Papaw's sister)birthday was Christmas Day. Once she was grown and married and had children of her own, they started celebrating her birthday on July 4... it worked great. Celebrating Adler's birthday in November or January is a perfectly good idea...

Praying you feel better soon. Oh, and please post pictures of the Christmas musical. I love that you and E are angels. Seems appropriate... that makes Adler and Hazel cherubs, hunh?