Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute holiday gift idea

When I was a little girl, my mom always read to me stories about princesses and fairy tales and adventures from this big red book (pub 1978), called "Walt Disney's Treasury of Children's Classic". It was full of illustrations from the animated movies of Snow White, Cinderella and all the other disney classics I grew up watching. The book was a big deal. Mom said she had to order it from a catalog. It was a treasured item in our house and to this day evokes feelings of family and security and everything good in life.

So yesterday, I was at walmart, of all places and guess what- they had the exact same book! Well, it was updated with newer stories like The Lion King, but the old ones are still there, with the original illustrations and and introductions that tell you about the making of the movies. I immediately grabbed it up for Hazel. She is obviously too young for it now, but I hope that we will share some special memories reading it together as I remember with my mother.
If you are still looking for a special gift for any child around 4+, I highly recommend this book! It has stories for both boys and girls and they are sure to love it!

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aunt vickie said...

Terrific idea...