Monday, December 14, 2009

Adler's birthday

playing with his new toys- his Saints tackle guy was a hit
I can't believe this baby face is three!

actual birthday, yellow double layer cake with lots of chocolate icing and tons of sprinkles- a Mason birthday must-have

"American Hero" party at Chucky Cheese (John Austin's face cracks me up!)

Cousins (notice our noisy neighbor over there)


Melissa said...

We all had lots of fun at the party! So cute with his toys!

WonderGirl said...

I could comment on every single of one of these pictures with exclamations of ADORABLE!! Thank you so much for posting them. I have missed the Masons this month!! Hazel is scrumptilecious, Adler is such a big, cute boy, I love footed pajamas too, and John Austin's expression is hillllllarious. So glad you caught it.

Love ya, sis. Looks like you guys are enjoying your holiday!!

PS I want to see Eric's angel photo. Did he do the glitter eye shadow??