Friday, September 4, 2009


I have been realizing lately that, in the midst of some trying times we have been having with Adler the past month, I immediately think of all the tough stuff when people ask how he is doing. It seems to trump all the really great stuff that is going on with him lately, and I really hate that I allow that to happen.

Right smack in the middle of the tantrums and power struggles, I find this adorable, imaginative and loving little boy, who smells of peanut butter and who gives the warmest, most solid little neck hugs I have ever received. There is this little boy who still speaks munchkin, but his words are beginning to have thoughtfulness and individualism just wrapped around them; a boy who loves nothing more than a good game of pirates or hide and seek; a boy who laughs at my silly songs and what's better, makes up his own silly songs to make me laugh; a boy who still thinks I hung the moon and who I personally think is the reason the moon hangs. Just as these few months have been incredibly difficult for us, they have been even more so precious and amazing. I want to make sure that I do not lose sight of that. Its really amazing how God knew to balance the struggle that every child has to gain his individualism and learn boundaries with the explosion of CUTE that happens at this age. He really knew what he was doing when he designed us!

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aunt vickie said...

What a beautiful tribute to Adler... and to motherhood...and what a beautiful reminder to all of us to look for the blessings... for they are always there if we only stop to look... love you, darling girl...