Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still surviving

5 days down, 4 more to go! Being alone with Adler actually has not been bad. We have enjoyed our time together and have actually been so busy, its gone by pretty fast. We spent the night at my sister's on Friday so that we could go to my nephew's soccer game on Saturday (which, by the way, he did awesome!) Sunday, church then out to eat. Monday we cleaned house all day and then Adler had his sibling class at the hospital. It was such a cute little class and Ad had a lot of fun. Today, I am tying some loose ends up at work, then a baby shower tonight! Tomorrow, tackling the baseboards and my pantry (as in cleaning, not eating)...Thursday, a doctor appointment then the park if its pretty, and Friday, spending the day with cousins and then E comes home!! Yay!

That's it for an update. I know, its lacking that special something, but I just don't have much left right now!

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