Friday, April 3, 2009

5 in 5

I can't believe I have posted five times in five days! I must be feeling inspired!

Heidi, the photographer who shot us girls on our trip, has delivered some great pics. I have to share a few.

for some reason, I wasn't looking the same direction as the girls in most of the pics, sorry yall!

am I allowed to cry?

I LOVE this one of my mom; isn't she the prettiest?

it's us!


Sara said...

Those are great. You'll cherish those forever.

mom Sandi said...

Love the pics!

Laura Sue said...

just beautiful!!! you girls are the only ones on the planet that have ever made me wish I had a sister! these photos capture why that is. love you!

aunt vickie said...

Yes, she's beautiful... and so are her daughters... the photos are awesome!

Erica said...

Wow--y'all are such beautiful women. I love these.

Melissa said...

thiose are awesome , what memories!