Friday, February 13, 2009

that's one that won't get paid

or it will, but thanks to insurance and not me!

We got a bill in from Ad's surgery yesterday, over $12,000. The ENT's time was worth $6,000 the first 30 minutes and $2000 each additional 30 minutes.

I am still waiting for the home health bill and the bill from all the PIC meds he was taking- I can only imagine.

All I have to say is thank GOODNESS for insurance!


aunt vickie said...


Sara said...

That's the truth! It's amazing how much some of those doctor's bills cost.

aunt vickie said...

And what's worse is if you don't have insurance, they charge more for the same services... which is just crazy to me... if a person can't afford insurance, how can they expected to be able to afford to pay more for medical care?