Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I feel good!

So, I forgot to mention that in the past two weeks, I have felt pretty darn good, almost back to my normal self! It took 16 weeks, but I am finally there other than my chronic stuffy nose. I have been taking nose spray at night although it says not to use more than 3 consecutive nights in a row because you can get addicted to it. And I have to admit, I feel like I may be getting hooked on the junk. I have taken to running the water in the sink while I get my fix before bed so E won't know I am doing it. And then I come out all guilty and HE KNOWS. He does. But I need it. I can quit anytime though, IF I WANTED TO.

I started back at the gym last week and it feels so incredibly good. I feel like I have been curled up in a ball for the past 4 months and just the simple act of stretching my muscles feels like heaven. I am curious to see how exercising will affect my pregnancy and bounce back time as I didn't do it with Adler. I used my first pregnancy as an excuse to prop my feet up and eat twinkies all day. Big mistake! So, we'll see!

Ad is doing great. He was able to bring his favorite toy today to school (his bear) and he was beyond excited about it. The whole way to school, he talked about all the things his teddy was going to get to do at school (sit at the table, play, eat, eat some more, listen to a book on the rug). It was pretty cute.

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Melissa said...

too funny! Ya know they say you crave sweets with a girl and salt with a boy!