Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Think Small

Just a note here to encourage you guys to support small businesses in your town this Christmas season. I am sentimental about the businesses that have been operating in my small town for as long as I can remember and can't imagine my town without them.

In the midst of economic crisis, it is these businesses that are hurting, unable to get credit, unable to compete fairly with the big players, and forced to watch those big players, who in some cases, are paying their laborers upwards from $72 an hour as they receive billions of dollars in help. I am anxious to see our small businesses succeed, to thrive in the main street or rural locations. These are the same businesses that we often see giving to local charities and supporting our children's sports teams.

So remember that this year when you are out shopping. Walmart can always be bailed out (sadly!) but the only thing that can keep small businesss afloat is us!

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