Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Favorite Things, for today anyway

Here's my top ten, in no specific order:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- need I say more?
  2. Shaklee Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and Cleaning Wipes- it only takes a tee-tiny big to clean a big mess, and what's better, I can clean Adler's toys and not have to re-wipe with a wet washcloth to get the chemicals off- its easy and worry free! They also just came out with a disinfectant wipe that I am wanting to try. My aunt sells it and I actually got the whole Get Clean Starter Kit few years ago and STILL have some left from it and use it regularly.
  3. Tori and Dean- Home Sweet Hollywood- so ignore all the incessant whining about paparazzi and you have pure quality. (okay, so I am exaggerating a tad, but its quality reality, fo sho.)
  4. Adler's new bookbag from Stephen Joseph- I didn't get it from this website, but a local store here called Monogram Creations. It has his name on it and is really cute. Given Adler's latest obsession with bugs, I think it will be a good first bookbag.
  5. Mountain Dew Ice-ees- my husband got me hooked on these a few years ago and now if you ask either one of us, we can tell you every convenient store within a 30 mile radius that has a mountain dew ice-ee machine and which ones are working and which ones are broken, which ones give you optimal ice-mountain dew ratios, and which size cups are stocked in which store. We don't get them often though, because they have enough caffeine in them to run a compact car across country.
  6. Vanessa Diel Photography- Ad had his pics taken a few weeks ago with Vanessa and I am so excited to see them, I can't hardly stand it. I have been stalking her website lately waiting for her to post a sneak peak. She's so fabulous!
  7. Hot Tamales- I can't get enough of this fiesty candy.
  8. Shape Up Sisters- I have been a member of this women's gym since January, went for a month or so and only just started going back a few weeks ago. I am really enjoying it this go round and hope its going to stick this time. There's this class, Zumba, which infuses latin dance with aerobics and its just the best- so fun! NOTE: #s 1,3,5, and 7 and 9 are precisely the reasons that #8 is on my list at all!
  9. Destin, FL- my vacation here is the ONLY reason I have maintained sanity the last month or so- I am counting the days till my September vaca.
  10. Goodreads- a website where you list and rate the books you read as well as peruse other user's books and ratings- I make all my "must rent from the library" lists from this website.


WonderGirl said...

Until you mentioned Destin and working out in the same sentence, it didn't dawn on me that I am going to be required to be in a swimsuit, publicly, in a month and half.


Still, coverups are a gal's best friend, and plus, you guys can't point and laugh because, well, just because. You'd be off the Christmas list or something. :) Even the idea of flaunting my unprepared self doesn't really dampen the fun factor. I can't wait!!

Rhonda said...

Wow..two of your favorite things are also two of my favorite things! Well for sure one..S.U.S. and I love Zumba, which I attend regularly except for the last two because we have been moving. And... I really love Vanessa Diel's work. Her husband sold us our mobile home and what a great Christian guy he is. He has her pics all over his office. Hope to see you Thurs!

Ashley said...

I won't be there Thursday- going to the gym early because we have open house at Ad's new school that night. But, next week is ON.

aunt vickie said...

Love your favorites... those photos are terrific... I looked at hundreds of them, I think, trying to find Adler, but I'll check back on her site again... and, oh, yeah... destin is awesome... wish I'd be there with y'all...

Melissa said...

Love your favs, some of those are mine also. Cann't wait to see Adler's pics!

Laura Sue said...

Shannon and Ashley, the pressure is completely off. Y'all will be gorgeous, thin, and statuesque next to your very pregnant cousin, who will most certainly be rockin' the tankini.