Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh, that's pocket change

So, I found out that you can rent designer bags from this website called Bag Borrow Steal for mere pennies considering the hefty price tag these bags carry. I have no interest in these bags, unless they come from TJ-Max, but I was curious so I went to the website.

For only 1,690.00/week or $6,010.00/month you can rent this Hermes vintage bag above. Yes, that's $1690 A WEEK, $6000 A MONTH.

And that's for those poor unfortunate souls that can't afford to buy the bag. I am utterly speechless.


Laura said...

WHO in their right mind would do this?! Interesting site. I had no idea that you could do this!! WHY would you want to do this?

jkw said...

Dear Apple Cheeks,
Please keep in mind that this vintage Hermes Birkin would retail for more than $50,000 (if you were to buy it!). Our assortment of handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses starts out around $10/week.
Jodi Watson
Chief Marketing Officer

Laura said...

What in the world did you do to tick them off?! OMG!!

usafhockey said...

seriously?! do they have that little business- that Jodi Watson has the time to track down your blog and chastise you? good grief....

btw- i stalk your blog now as much as i stalk lauras...and i think i may owe you money still from the bachelorette party hotel room?!


Melissa said...

How did they get your blog address? Too crazy!

WonderGirl said...

Melissa, to answer your question of how- anytime you post a link to somebody (As Ashley did to their website), it is possible for the other person to do a trackback search. is a common one, as well as a few others. All you do is enter the url you want to know about, and a list will pop up of all the blogs or sites that are linking to that url. I suppose Ash's entry must have come up in the search results.

Wasn't sure if you were actually curious about it or not, so I thought I'd answer in case.

I think it's a bit silly myself- seems like there are much better ways to spend your money than on falsely promoting an image you can't afford in reality-- but obviously there are people who disagree. This website is just supplying the demand. (What a sad commentary of our times.)

Melissa said...

Thanks Wondergirl, as a new blogger this is news to me. I will be careful.