Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Malindi Croc

So, my first installment of Thing I Like goes to The Malindi Style Crocs. I have never owned a pair of Crocs and took pride in the fact that I never succumbed to wearing shoes for the sake of comfort. I have a theory that if I start with Crocs, before too long I will be wearing old lady orthopedic shoes.
However, I found these cute Crocs a few months ago and decided to try them out. They are by far my favorite shoes. Unless you are looking close, they just look like ballet slippers. I can get away with wearing them with practically everything. They are the most comfortable and versatile shoes I have ever owned. I don't have to worry about getting them dirty or wet or if my toenails are painted or if I am going to be inappropriately dressed because they double as ballet flats.
Its so hard these days to put on anything but these shoes. I am hoping they make some with the fur around it for winter (kidding. or am I?)
They also make some called the Prima , which are even more similar to ballet slippers- they may be my next buy if these ever wear out.


Laura said...

I have the Prima's. I've had mine for nearly two years. I LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

As a man, I fail to understand the attraction to ballet slipper-style shoes. I find them to be the most unflattering shoes a woman can wear. There is something about them that says "house shoes" to me. Seriously. I am repelled by them. I am always disappointed when I see a woman in those shoes, particularly a beautiful woman. I saw a picture of the marvelous, the alluring, the one-and-only Angelina Jolie in those shoes recently; and my heart sank a bit. (I am fighting the urge to let my heart sink a little knowing that you wear them.) What's worse is that this ballet shoe fetish is epidemic. These foot coverings--not even deserving the title of "shoe"--are everywhere!

Ashley said...

Joey- I am laughing so hard at your oh so serious comments. I had no idea that you felt that strongly about ballet slipper style shoes. There are a lot of people that share your opinion, but thankfully I am not one of them because they are super comfortable! As you mentioned, they are everywhere these days and I can only imagine the pain you feel day to day having to endure seeing them.

Anonymous said...

Well, my love for you is not based on your footwear. However, those shoes really could be a deal-breaker with an eligible woman. Of course, if she were really eligible for moi, she would also be repelled by them. Right?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you something else I find repulsive on women or men: super-skinny jeans. Men wearing super-skinny jeans look androgynous at best and flat-out gay at worst. I guess, though, a lot of guys wearing that kind of jean fit the "gay" bill. The super-skinny jean paired with the pointed boot is a horrible, horrible, horrible look for men. The super-skinny jeans paired with flats takes women's wear to a new low.