Tuesday, July 8, 2008

here, but barely kicking

We had a great long weekend camping and are all having quite a time trying to get back in the swing of things! We went to Vidalia, where we saw a great fireworks show, did a lot of swimming and playing, and went bowling (even Adler got to "bow" as he called it). We also heard a live band at the campsite- Ad's first time for that and he really loved it. He was a total ham, dancing and running around.

He is starting to exhibit the classic energy of a toddler these days- the excitement of camping kept him from getting good sleep all weekend, kept us all from it actually. He has always been a good sleeper so we are spoiled and do not know how to handle sleepless nights! The first night, he was WIDE awake from 1AM-4:45AM. He spent those hours experimenting with his letters and sounds and pulling my hair. He also never really gets tired at nap or bedtime. He is literally running up and down the hallway in the camper until I grab him and hold him still and this is hours after his normal bedtime. How in the world are we going to surive 7 nights in September when we go to Destin?

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