Friday, April 18, 2008

Memphis Trip

One valuable thing I learned from our trip to Memphis last week: you can blow bubbles and drive at the same time and get where you are going much happier.

Just kidding mom and Eric!! But my sister in law, being the road warrior that she is, swears by it!! But then, she has 3 arms and quick reflexes!

We had such a great time and such fun just playing with the kids all week. I really enjoyed spending time with Melissa, McKaylin and Everitt- we went to the Memphis zoo where Adler saw the zoo animals and rode a train for the first time! His favorite was the monkey, the carousel and the train. I am going to post a few pics in a minute.

Speaking of Melissa, she has joined the blog bandwagon- I am so excited to announce her new blog. Welcome to the time vacuum that is the blogosphere!

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