Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fray induced pregnancy

Forget Barry White.

When I was pregnant, I listened to this burned copy of The Fray that my sister gave me constantly. I was driving an hour back and forth to work everyday, so that's a lot of The Fray.

Anyway, whenever I listen to it now, I get super sentimental because of the memories of me listening to it so much, wondering if the baby could hear my off key singing and feeling him kick to the beat of the music. Those memories really sum up all the wonderful things about being pregnant, in my mind.

Its almost dangerous to listen to it now because it makes me want to have that baby sensation again (also known as pregnancy). If my husband knew, he would totally hide that cd, for at least a couple of years.


Laura said...

Too funny! Sorry, don't know anything about the Fray. But I had a great pregnancy, too!

Aunt Vickie said...

Doncha just love how music can bring back a time in your life? It's like windows into the past...