Monday, April 14, 2008

do they even make snorkeling masks that big?

We are going to the beach in September and my husband and I were talking about stuff we will bring (because that's how bad we are itching to go to the beach) and the first item on his list was his snorkeling equipment.

I love to go to the beach with my husband because he is like a kid when it comes to the ocean. He will get up at 5 am because that's when all the cool fish and good shells are out and will literally stay in the water until it gets dark. All day long, as I sunning and reading, you know, the adult way to spend a day on the beach, I have to periodically look out for the top of his snorkel floating around in the water to know he's still breathing.

Its so cute though. I know he will be a lot of fun for Adler.

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