Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adler's Update

So, we went to the ENT today to see if we could figure out why the munchkin is staying so sick. A CT Scan was done and apparently his sinuses in his cheeks are completely blocked and the ones under his eyes are almost completely blocked. The bacteria that is causing the infections is considered a super bacteria because it has been resistant to all the antibiotics we have tried with him. In addition, his adenoids (sp) are too big and may be causing the bacteria to stay put instead of drain out.

So, he is scheduled for surgery to get his adenoids taken out the first of June. During which, he will also have a culture done on the bacteria to determine just what kind of antibiotic he needs. The antibiotic will not be able to be an oral one. He will have to have a PIC line inserted in his arm and I will have to give him IV antibiotics each day for a little under a month. That's the only part I feel not okay with. The adenoids, well, lots of kids have to have those taken out, but the PIC line just gives me shivers to think about. Although, anesthesia for the procedure sort of creeps me too.

Anyway, that's the latest. I am really hoping that this works and he will start to be a well baby again soon.

I think I forgot to add that last week at the doctor's, we were given instruction to start him on an asthma med called Pulmicort- its an inhaled med through his nebulizer. The good thing about this is that it commonly prevents children from having long-term asthma the earlier it is started. I really do think that all this stems from allergies, so as soon as he gets old enough to be diagnosed and treated for that, we will start to see some of the other problems resolving. But meanwhile, I am hoping the Pulmicort and the surgery gives Ad some immediate relief!


Aunt Vickie said...

Oh, honey... we'll be praying for the munchkin, and for all of you... please let me know if there's anything we can do... poor little sweetie... he'll be okay, tho... and you'll be a good nurse...

Sara said...

Bless his heart! Hope all of this will get him to feeling better.

Laura said...

Hey, Ashley! We sorta had our ordeal with the ENT when Alise was about 15 months old. Ours had to do with an ear infection that we never could get rid of. {Knock on wood} Alise hasn't had an ear infection since...a little drainage about two months ago, but nothing serious. Our doc wanted to do the adenoids thing,too, but one of her prelim blood tests came back a little strange, so he didn't end up doing it. I know it's scary - I was a basket case the entire time she was in surgery (and I work at a hospital!!), but the whole procedure took maybe thirty minutes and she was out. Hopefully, your will be the same. I'm surprised they're not wanting to do sinus surgery to relieve the pressure, but obviously they don't do that on babies.

Thanks for the nice post on my blog!