Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh snap.

I booked a photographer yesterday to take some pictures of Adler before he loses his juicy baby-ness, which seems to be fading day by day and being replaced by a little boy. Anyway, her name is Vanessa Diel- I found her website through another blog and fell in love with her pictures. She is very very different from your traditional photographer, uses different angles and colors and focuses (I obviously don't know what I am talking about here as far as my photog lingo, but you get the point!). I think she will work best for Adler because he is a very non-posey kind of kid and she is going to take pictures of him at play more than anything else. The earliest I could get was July, so hopefully Ad will still look the same then.

Anyway, check out some of her work here.

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desperate housewife said...

Good luck with the pictures. We just had family shots done, which went so-so. Addy was quite the ham for the first year of her life, then promptly decided she hated photographers.
Thanks for stopping by my blog- love your son's name, btw!