Monday, December 17, 2007

Ahem. Excuzeemwah.

Just because you turned one, little man, does not mean you can start throwing temper tantrums in public places.

Ad displayed his father's genes this morning in the crowded waiting room at the doctor's office. Arched back, falling out on the floor, screaming, the whole bit. I really get aggravated with Eric when he does that, and now, the cutest Mason has started in on it. Of course, he's been making up for it all day with his sweetness. I think God makes babies so cute and so sweet so it makes the tantrums and fits easier to deal with.

Christmas is coming up so fast. I have been busy today making gift baskets and fudge (and needless to say, eating fudge too, feeling sort of sick now from coming off my sugar high). Presents wrapped, Christmas lights on, Santa visited, now just enjoying the holiday.

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