Monday, October 22, 2007

10 months

Dear Adler,
I think its becoming tradition for me to be half a month late in letter writing (and another month in baby book updating). I do it this way on purpose so that you will learn early on not to expect things on time. Sorry.
Oh, let's see. This month you have decided that you would have NO more of the baby food or anything else that one, requires me to feed it to you or two, anything that remotely feels like baby food in your mouth. You have started grabbing the spoon from me and insisting on feeding yourself (see above picture.). Its fun, but very very exasperating too. And it requires me to cook balanced meals now. Its a shame.
You say "ba" to everything. And you point now to tell us what you want. Well, its more like you point the whole hand at something, roll your little fingers back and forth and say "ba." We can pretty much figure it out. The only thing is, when you point to the ball and say "ba" or a balloon, or even a book, I really really want to think you are saying the word for which you are pointing. Are you? Or are you just saying ba? Its cool that you are communicating with us in this new way though. You are like a little mini adult now, minus all that walking and talking and potty-trained stuff.
Well, time is short right now, but I love you and am so proud of all that you are. You are doing so good at this living in the world thing and I am feel so lucky to be a part of it all.

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Aunt Vickie said...

Oh, Ash... I can hardly wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving... and to hold that sweet baby... he's just the most beautiful little boy... and my heart's aching to hold him... loving y'all... and praying for you always...