Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why is it so fun to dress him up?


spiderlillies said...

Your Aunt J and I got into sooooooooooo much trouble for dressing your dad up when he was about that age... we took our can-can slips and put one on him for a wedding dress and the other his head for a veil... your papaw did not like it one bit!!!!

auntj said...

it must run in the family, bob and i were always dressing gatlin up in weird dorky, touristy-looking outfits that bob's sister would send us. we took him out in public like that sometimes, isn't that awful? but he was so cute, and such an entertaining little hambone! awwww, i'm making myself kind of sad now, missing those sweet and funny baby days! they really do grow up too fast.