Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 months

Dear Adler,

You turned 8 months a few days ago. I can't believe that soon, you will be ONE year old. These 8 months have gone by so fast.

I feel as if every month, I say something to the effect that you are really "coming into your own." And its true, with everyday, your little personality develops more and more. You are such a happy little boy. You smile quick, laugh easy and have such a joy about you. That's not to say that you don't know how to get M-A-D, because you do. You certainly know what you want and get very upset if you don't have it. The thing is, though, you are never mad for longer than a few minutes. You just can't help but get happy quick.

You are really crawling all over the place. You are getting to be a quick little thing- its exhausting at times. You are funny because I will get behind you and sort of crawl behind you like I'm chasing you. You don't quite know what to do yet, you crawl a foot or so and then just stop and cut your eyes and make that little anticipatory smile that you have. Pretty soon I won't be able to keep up with you!

You are also pulling up on EVERYTHING. Its scary! You don't think that you really need to hold on to anything either when you get up. Which is also pretty scary! You have a walk behind toy and you go all over the place with that thing. I think you will be walking before too long.

You are starting to get a cold again. It seems like you get a cold every few weeks. Its hard on all of us. Hard for you because you don't sleep much when you are sick and wake up ALOT. Hard for us because you don't sleep much when you are sick and wake up ALOT. Hopefully, this is a stage and you wont have to live permanently with a stuffy or runny nose like your dad does.

You are my sweet boy and I love you so much. This eighth month has been so much fun.



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