Friday, August 22, 2008

See you guys next summer.

So, we got DVR sometime late last year, and I have this thing about recording every possible show that I think I may, at some point, watch. My play-list is a total nightmare.

So, anyway, I went ahead and researched and wrote down all the shows, times, and channels that I plan on recording this season (because I am a dork).

Here's my list (and I am not linking individually to each show because I don't have 14 hours to work on this post, but if you want to go to where I did to get more info, click here):

Fox- Sara Conner Chronicles (for E)
CW- Gossip Girl
CW- One Tree Hill

CW- 90210
CW- The Privileged

ABC- Private Practice
NBC- Lipstick Jungle

ABC- Grey's Anatomy
CBS- The Eleventh Hour (this one is really for E, and its a new one, so we'll see)

CBS- Ghost Whisperer
CBS- The Ex List (a new one, we'll see)

So, as you see from the titles, such as "Gossip Girl" and "Lipstick Jungle"- I won't be watching these at night with E- I will have to sneak them in during the God's little gift to SAHM's-- nap time.

I would love to watch Heroes and Lost, but I never have watched them before, so I think unless I rent the first seasons, I will steer clear of these. And then, there are those mid-season shows such as "The Bachelor" and "The Apprentice" that I will have to sneak in somewhere too.

I really consider recording an art form. You can only record two things at one time and if you are recording two shows at the same time, you can't be watching another channel simultaneously; so its all about balance. For instance, Gossip Girl re-shows on Friday, so if something happens and I can't record on the original air date, I have to catch it later in the week.

Poor E, he hasn't seen my schedule yet. He's going to have a thing or two to say about it I am sure. I will just have to remind him that at least he is getting "Sara Conner Chronicles." I mean, really.

Its pretty sad that I can make a post on the fall line-up this long.

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